My life was forever changed when I took the tools that Coach White gave me, and applied them to my life. Words of wisdom like “food is fuel” was pretty funny since I worked at a gas station; I know everything about fuel. Also, that positive thinking and daily aspirations will always be the driving force behind my exercising and eating right. -11/7/2016


Enhance’s programming in Movement, Strength, and Endurance allowed me to achieve my PR (in a 5k), at age 51. I was amazed! In addition to the training, the training enviroment was thoughtful, cheerful, and supportive. (Marathons Completed Salt Lake City (2), Top of Utah (2), Boston (3), Desert News, Big Sur) -6/24/17


I see many people my age becoming sedentary. However, my goal was to not only be healthy and active in my 60’s, but also into my 70’s. Enhance’s programs are targeted to my needs, allowing me to chase my goal. For every $1 investment in my health now, it saves me $2 in future medical cost.-2/14/18


Prior to training through Enhance,, I wanted to workout for the aesthetic results. What I have learned during this five year journey, is that it is only a small part of the benefit. I never knew how much working out would impact my practical, day-to-day life. My energy in general throughout the workday is greater and my sleep is deeper at night. I was a much better travel partner during my honeymoon, when we walked over 10 miles a day in Europe and I was much stronger during my pregnancy and recovered much quicker because I stayed active. Overall, the benefits that I’ve received from his practical, not physically driven approach, has change my perspective on fitness.


I spent the twenty plus years before I met John White sitting at a desk pushing paper for 12-14 hours a day, and then spending the next couple of hours sitting on a bar stool trying to relieve the stress the last 12-14 hours had generated. January 1, 2008, I left the private practice of law, got a “real job”, and resolved to revive my former active self. My first attempt involved joining a corporate rowing team at the Chesapeake Boathouse. That was fun enough, but practices were only once a week, and I just couldn’t seem to make myself go to the gym on my own. Although I’ve always been active, I had never been anything remotely resembling a “gym rat”. My salvation was a package for an assessment and week of training with John purchased at a YWCA fundraiser. After completing the assessment (I’m pretty sure I remember John declaring that I was a hopeless slug, but he agreed to work with me anyway) and week of training I was hooked, and have been working with John three times a week ever since. I can’t say enough about how much difference it makes in my life. Having that “appointment” on my calendar just seems to make all the difference in the world. And, with the scientifically-based focus and instruction that John brings to my workouts, at 60 years old I’m able to do all of the things I was able to do in my 20’s and 30’s. I play Volleyball once a week (either indoor, or outdoor, depending on season), camp, hike, hunt big game (including elk hunting in the Sawtooth mountains of Idaho, which is amazingly challenging country) and upland birds, white water rafting, and working a chain saw eradicating cedar trees on my land.-1/1/2018


I’ve relied on training with Enhance Human Performance and Coach White for close to a year now to help me prepare for endurance gravel cycling events. This requires careful integration of strength training with a demanding cycling schedule. Coach White is great to work with as he understands me and my goals as a client. He tailors my workouts to mesh with my schedule and meet these goals. You can see and feel the results and achieve those results with a reasonable time spent in the gym. Coach White is efficient, knowledgeable, and very comfortable to work with. 2/14/18



Growing up, I was not active or athletic in any way. I started with Enhance Human Performance when I was 47 years old. To say that I was out of shape is an understatement. I am now fit, trim, physically active, and healthy. There are a lot of trainers and coaches out there, but I could not have done it without Coach White. Coach White has a gift of finding the right beginning level for anyone (in shape or not) and working with that person to encourage and achieve the highest physical and mental goals. This comes as a result of his knowledge of the body, his professionalism, and his passion for health and human performance. -2/12/17



In the 10+ years of working with Enhance Human Performance, my goals have changed several times. In order to achieve these objectives, my programs have been adjusted by Coach White. My most recent goal was to improve my golf game, with increased club head speed and more distance on my drive. Currently, I have increased my drive by 40 yards.-1/18/18


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