Athlete Development


7-13 yrs. FUN, Engaging, and Dynamic.

This is where we form our biggest foundations as athletes. Improving there coordination, balance, strength, and speed will be extremely beneficial to their long term development as athletes through this program.

  • Speed:  Principles of Speed, Quickness, Agility and Footwork
  • Strength: Developed through play, medicine balls, jumping, throwing and activities
  • Technique:  Basic Movement Principles and MO-STAB-ILITY (Mobility, Stability, and Balance).


14-18 yrs. Introduction to formal training. (14-15 yrs, 16-17 yrs, 18+)

High School athletes will take on programming designed for their sport specific task. Enhance’s programs will bring out performance abilities that will be noticed by teammates, coaches, and most importantly YOU.

  • Speed: Specific Implementation of Speed Development
  • Strength: Progresses from Introduction of Strength to Max Strength
  • Technique: Specific Event Technique



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